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We improve the performance of any business through careful financial planning and down-to-the-point, tailored financial solutions.


We belive that every business, no matter their nature or field, has potiential. The difference between successful and unsuccessful businesses is nothing but their management strategy.


Our mission is to provide advice and solutions for businesses and companies in their financial area. With the help of A&J Finance, success and prosperity are on your reach.


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Expert accountancy management

We present our fully complete range of accountancy management services for all sizes of businesses. From personal entrepreneurships to big companies, we have the solution that best fits your needs. There is no bottom or top limits for money volume. 

Our accountancy teams will handle your numbers and run constant analysis in order to figure out the best stragegies to increase your patrimony through intelligent management and financial decisions. 

We offer special accountancy services packages so you can get professional and complete management of your numbers for a very convenient price.


 Tax planning and offshore tax management

International businesses often face big problems when it comes to adjusting their strategies in countries where tax regulations and legislation are different from their own. Experts in foreign tax systems are required in order to optimize and develop strategies for offshore operations.

Our team is widely knowledgeable on foreign regulations and best financial strategies for very different countries. We offer to advice you on which are the best measures to take in these cases as well as what is the current tax legislation in your target country.

Also, we provide a complete planning service for your national and international businesses, so you can leave all the work on our shoulders and focus on managing other aspects of your business, resting assure that only the best decisions will be taken and that you will have no backsets with offshore tax regulation.

Merchant accounts and payment systems solutions

The bigger a business is, the more complex it becomes to manage the constant and multidirectional flow of money that it takes. However, even small businesses can benefit from merchant account systems, as it makes their transactions much easier - which saves them time and money - as well as payment - which is a great and competitive advantage for their client support.

We offer complete merchant acconts and payment systems solutions that will fit the style and target niche of your business. We have designed several packages which are best for different sorts of companies or entrepreneurships, all of them meant to optimize their work and make control and management easier. 


We have agreements with very important international banks, which provide our clients with their most convenient solutions at a special price. As these packages, while provided by bank entities, are designed by our experienced accountants and financial managers, they are a perfect fit for a business's needs.


Our increasing portfolio of highly satisfied clients.

"The services of A&J Finance have been remarkably efficient and accurate. With them, we have had our best experience so far, and we are willing to keep them as our accountancy operators for as long as we can."
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Gibs & Co.

"We are highly satisfied with the services and results achieved through A&J Finance. Their actions have had a strong impact in our numbers. They have helped us develop new strategies and optimize our monetary management."
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